WATCH Protests in Israel Against the 'Netanyahu State'

A new legislative initiative of the Israeli government aimed limiting the powers of the country’s top court prompted hundreds of people to stage a protest rally in Tel Aviv.

Hundreds of Protesters took to the streets of Tel Aviv to voice their outrage over a newly-proposed bill about to be reviewed by the Knesset, which may impose further limits on the Supreme Court’s power.

The bill is expected to grant the Israeli parliament the exclusive ability change or cancel laws, stripping the Supreme Court of this prerogative and effectively limiting its ability to override parliamentary approval for potentially unconstitutional laws.

The protesters accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of attempting a power grab and insisted that the Supreme Court is “the last place laws and regulation can be stopped, the ones Netanyahu is trying to pass in order to make this country a ‘Netanyahu’ state,” as one of the activists put it.


WATCH Protests in Israel Against the ‘Netanyahu State’

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