US Creates Obstacles to Issuance of US Visas to Russian Pilots – Kremlin

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Kremlin is concerned about difficulties related to the issuance of US entry visas to Russian pilots, believes Washington intentionally creates such obstacles, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday.

“We share the concerns expressed by the Foreign Ministry on this issue. Obviously, there are no objective reasons for difficulties with visa issuance here, because all reductions did not concern consular work … Obviously, these difficulties are created intentionally, the responsibility for them lies entirely with our US colleagues. Of course, we are worried,” Peskov told reporters, commenting on the issue.

Russia’s flag carrier Aeroflot has appealed to the Russian Foreign and Transport Ministries over the problems its crews are experiencing in obtaining the US visas, the airline’s spokesperson told Sputnik.

“There is a big problem — crews are not granted visas, so we appealed to the Foreign Ministry and Transport Ministry … At the moment, according to our estimates, we have enough visas to maintain regular flights for several months,” the spokesperson said.

On Thursday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that crews of Russia’s flag carrier Aeroflot were experiencing increasing difficulties with obtaining US visas. The ministry warned that the sharp reduction in issuance of US entry visas for Russian citizens may lead to suspension of regular flights between the two countries.


US Creates Obstacles to Issuance of US Visas to Russian Pilots – Kremlin

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