Cyber Vendetta: Computer Generated Pro-Trump Instagram Model Hacks Its Rival

In a world where computer models come close to passing the Turing test, defining how close artificial intelligence comes to its human creators, computer generated personalities on social networks are not anything remarkable. But a feud between the two – now that’s something unusual.

The account of the computer generated (CG) Instagram model Lil Miquela was hacked by another CG character known as Bermuda, reports the Motherboard online media outlet. According to the outlet, all photos of Miquela (also generated by a computer) were deleted and replaced with Bermuda’s selfies, captioned with claims that she had hacked Miquela’s account, calling her fake.

Lil Miquela pretends to be a “19-year-old Brazilian-American,” while Bermuda doesn’t hide the fact she is CG and shares pro-Trump content on her Instagram account. It is unclear whether both these personalities where created by one person or they are indeed rivals. Bermuda’s account claims she was created by the company Cain Intelligence. Motherboard attempted to contact the company, but without success.

Bermuda later wrote that she returned Miquela’s account. The latter’s photos were restored. Bermuda gave her 47 hours to “tell the truth.”  Roughly 19 hours after the start of the countdown, she posted screenshot of a chat with her “rival” agreeing to meet with Bermuda.

She then went on to publish an intriguing post where she said they had found common ground and noting that there are three of their kind that exist. Who the “third” one is remains a mystery.


Cyber Vendetta: Computer Generated Pro-Trump Instagram Model Hacks Its Rival

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